TURBO PROP coming soon

First tests scheduled for end of September, early October, in Minnesota – with our specialist Ami

The Dominican Republic Vice President visits our facility at the military base

content taken from the dominican air force instagram page: [VICEPRESIDENTA RD DE VISITA EN LA FARD] -Sra. Vicepresidenta de la República Dominicana, Raquel Peña visitó junto […]

We Are waiting for you at EAA Airventure, join us at the “Home building Area”


A new aircraft is born in Goodyear AZ

thanks to our friend Bob that did a wonderful job

A new Facility born’s in Vietnam

We are happy to announce that after years of research,we have found the ideal partners to carry on the development of the Flying Legend company, in […]

SUN’N FUN 2023


The new Tucano R “Experimental” aircraft.

In a site specialized in defense issues, it was news that the Air Force of the Dominican Republic acquired a batch of Tucano R “Experimental” aircraft named Dulus […]

The Dominican Air Force acquires the Dulus TP-75 reconnaissance aircraft

The aircraft, which will be assembled in the country, is the experimental military version of the Tucano-R from the Italian company Flying Legend.


our Friend Jack Norris,participated again this year in the “Buckeye air fair”he wanted to present part of the project he is working onand we are proud […]

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