EAA – Sport Aviation Dec. 2023


10 Flying Legend Italian trainers in the Dominican Republic

Huge satisfaction for the Italian Flying Legend,the Sicilian company which produces the two-seat metal tandem Tucano Replica (flight test of the 915iS version on VFR Aviation […]

EL MINUTO – Chilean Magazine


RAAus – Australia

Sometimes we seek the ordinary in life. It makes for an easy choice, one that can’t go wrong. There are times though, when we crave something […]

PILOT – UK Magazine

Italian Ultralight and Kitplane manufacturer Flying Legend in now modifying its all-metal, seventy per cent scale Tucano replica to take a turbine engineWords & Photos : […]

KITPLANES – Magazine

Birds of a Different Feather……………

FLYNYTT -01 – 2022

the world keeps talking about us Marino Boric, Flying Legend for Flynytt,   Flying Legend Become a Fighter pilot for more than a dayRebirth of the […]

VFR Aviation – Italy

In flight with the most powerful version of the robust Sicilian tandem two-seater, produced both inVDS version (today at 600 kg), and in the experimental version […]

AUSTRALIA – Sport Pilot Magazine Talk About us


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