EAA Airventure: we are here – booth 637


In the USA, obtained registration

Another of our aircraft built by a dear friend Valter the fleet continues to grow.

“Thanks Franco! Everything went surprisingly well!”

These are the words of our friend "Tino" from Witchita Falls (TX), whom I thank for the wonderful surprise and his impatience to flight the recently approved Tucano Replica.

The new aircraft to be tested

Another aircraft to be tested

SUN’N FUN 2021

Finally we have the opportunity to meet our friends again, even if we present ourselves in a modest way, What matters is to give a signal […]

NEWS from Philadelphia

Philadelphia ……Jeff and Michael continue to have fun with their new aircraft. Thanks guys, the fleet continues to grow – info:  jeffrey.frank@verizon.net

NEWS From Australia

In Australia,after hundreds of hours of work in pursue of perfection,in a way that only an amateur builder like you can accomplish,we all start to see […]

Mount Vernon 2020


Assembly your kit – little example – Stabilizer kit


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