Tucano R Experimental - Specs

The experimental replica of the Tucano with retractable landing gear and variable pitch is the right choice of aircraft for all these pilots who have always dreamed to fly a war bird and feel like a military fighter.

Thanks to its heavy-duty structure and the new wing design, it flies very stable and allows to perform basic acrobatic maneuvers in safe conditions.

Aircraft Dimension
Aircraft length23,29 ft
Wing Span32,80 ft²
Cabin Height3,12 ft
Cabin Width2,36 ft
Max Seating capacity2
Fuel Tank capacity2x 15,85 US gal
Extra fuel capacity13 gal
Design Weight & Loading
Maximum take off Weight
1433 lb with a load factor of +6-3 G
Maximum take off Weight
1653 lb with a load factor of +4 -2 G
Empty Weight
925 lb
Baggage allowance with 1 pilot
154 lb
Baggage allowance with 2 pilot
Power Plant & Performance
Power UnitRate of ClimbMax Cruise SpeedStallAverage ConsumptionRangeVNE
Rotax 912 (100hp)1000 ft/min120 kts40 kts4,7 US gal/hr648 NM178 kts
Rotax 914 (115hp)1200 ft/min125 kts40 kts5,8 US gal/hr594 NM178 kts
Rotax 912+ m.c. *1600ft/min135 kts45 kts7,1 gal/hr540 NM178 kts

* Rotax 912 with mechanical compressor and a Three-blade v.p. propeller